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2017-2019 Main square Molde/ Sea-front

client. Molde kommune

Art consultant:Liv Dysthe Sønderland

Artist: Jacob Dahlgren (Swed))

Art budjet: 1.800 000

The sculpture "Togetherness" by Jacob Dalgren is made for interaction with the public. An installation to sit on, play around, a place to meet and to hang out. The artist describes his sculpture as a drawing on the square, -a drawing that needs participants.

The name "Togetherness" is taken from a small sculpture by Kurt Schwitters. The artist who was a pioneer for modernism and one of the most famous in the Dadaists-movement, Schwitters lived on the island Hjertøya, right outside Molde, in several periods of his life. Dahlgren says that this sculpture is inspired by the modernists, - their humor and musicality.

As the sculpture points out to the island where  Schwitters famous Merzbau-project was made, and where he lived and worked during the war, a dialog  form from one colleague to another across the gap of time.   Schwitters installations as tree-dimensional collages made by found and simple material and Dahlgren`s Togetherness which is made in painted steel, to last and to mark the centre of Molde for years to come..   

Skjermbilde 2022-07-06 kl. 13.22.36.png
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