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Liv Dysthe - Visual Artist

I have continued the basic process from childhood; to draw representations of myself and others. I have been looking for recognition on different levels.

It started out with an interest for inner and exterior characteristics of the human being. Later exploring the experience of size and of being a volume. Changes we go through during a lifetime in form, density, surface etc. In my projects the body has been represented both as figurative and abstract form.

In my later projects the starting point has been social or ethical issues and themes. My intention is to enlighten forgotten events or well-known facts that are trapped in our denial system.History repeats itself and there is a universal core in every human destiny. My attitude is that everything concerns us. 


When developing an art-project I always want to strike the viewer visually, - before connecting intellectually. The aim is to establish a more intuitive basis from which to reflect. In that manner I am inspired by primitive sculptures in the way they express strong human emotions, striking us directly without going by reflection. Expression boiled down to the very essence of survival.

I seek to present an immediate, non-verbal image as a way to connect and to memorize. And then the message of the art-work can be reflected upon and perceived over time.

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