L I V   D Y S T H E   S Ø N D E R L A N D

e d u c a t i o n

1987 -92 State school of fine art and crafts, Oslo

1987  Private Art-school in Madrid

1985-86  UC-San Diego, Art department 


f o l l o w - u p   e d u c a t i o n

2004 Course for consultants, Public Art Norway

2003 Big scale monotypi, Peter Estaile


g r o u p   e x h i b i t i o n s

2018 “K l i m a k s”  For the climate-festival Molde. Cooperation project with Paolo Manfredi, Anne Berntsen, Anne Sara Loe

2017 “ Uløselig” Bjørnsonfestivalen

2015 “Herfra”, KUBE Art Museum

2015 “Scandinavian Spheres”, Knoxville, USA

2010 “Moving” video art festival

2009  Graphica Creativa, International print trienal, Jyvaskyla Art Museum Finland

2008 ”Arrivals and departures” Møre og Romsdal Art center, curator Paolo Manfredi 

2006 ”Konvergenter” Møre og Romsdal Art center, curator Janicke Iversen

2005 ”Identity” the artmuseum KUBE, Ålesund, curator Silje Oppdal 

2003  Møre og Romsdal Art center, jubileum exhibition, curator Marit Krokan Berge 

2000 ”Christ 2000” Ørskog Church, video instalation


e x h i b i t i o n s

2017 Nødinnganger, Sjøholt kunsthall

2012 KUBE, regional Art museum of Møre og Romsdal

2008 Festival exhibition, Center of New Norwegian lanuage cooperationproject with Geir Brungot 

2007 Vestfold Art center, ”passing by” a cooperation-project with Geir Brungot

2007 Kristiansund Society of fine art, ”bodyprints” a cooperation-project with Anne Sara Loe

2006 Myrabakken , Molde”first impression” monotypies made after a journey in South Afrika

2004 Ålesund Society of fine art

2002 Norwegian Printmakers gallery, Oslo ”livsform”

2001 Galleri Elvetun, Sykkylven  ”livsform”

2000 Ålesund Society of fine art

1999 Regional exhibition of Western Norway

1999 Møre og Rromsdal Art center ”newborn”

1991-92 -93 -95 -97 -98 -03 Regional exhibition of Nothern Norway


g r a n t s

2017 Norwegian board of culture : exhibition grant

2016 Møre og Romsdal county artist grant

2016 Artist-studio support, Møre og Romsdal county

2014 Grant from Norwegian printmakers association

2012 OCA, International support, support for project at the Trienal Graphica Creativa Finland

2012 FINNO, Finish-Norwegian kultural support, project at Graphica Creativa, Finland

2010 Project support, Norwegian printmakers association

2010 Shaeffergaarden , Danish-Norwegian grant

2009 Møre og Romsdal artist grant

2008 Norwegian Printmakers grant

2007/2000/1999 Norwegian board of Culture , exhibition grant

2007 Norwegian board of Culture, project support

2007/1999  Norwegian artists project support

2008/-06/-05 Center for cultural productions in Volda, project support/ residence

2005 Norwegian artists 1-year working grant

2003 Norwegian artists grant

1994 Norwegian state establishment grant

1993 Norwegian state material grant


p u b l i c  p o r c u r e m e n t/ p r i v a t   c o l l e c t i o n s

KUBE Artmuseum 2012

Art Museum of Nothern Norway 1993

Ørnulf Oppdals private collection  2000, 2004

Iris Krohns collection, Hotell Molde  2000


a r t   i n   p u b l i c

2004 Elisabeth senteret Tromsø

2002 Region hospital Møre og Romsdal


a s s i g n m e n t s

2017 - 2021 council-member, regional Art museum og Møre og Romsdal

2014 - 2016 council-member for Stiftelsesstyret Ålesund kunstfagskole

2013 - 2015 Nomination comity, NBK

2010 - 2015 council-member – regional exhibition of Western Norway

2006 - 2008/ 2001 - 2003 chairman of the artistassociation in Møre og Romsdal ( BKMR)

1996-2000 council-member - Regional exhibition of Western Norway

2000-2001 council-member - Møre og Romsdal Art center


c o n s u l t a n t   f o r   p u b l i c   a r t–p r o j e c t s

2017-2019 The main square/ seafront in Molde 

2015-2016 Brattvåg highschool

2015-2016 Molde school of culture

2014-2015 Molde highschool 

2008 NTNU Ålesund, initiated by Koro

2004-2008 Marked square Volda, Koro

2002 Ulstein videregående  Koro

1996 Haram Videregående Koro


c u r a t o r

2017 curator for the groupexhibition “U l ø s e l i g” A part of the Bjørnsonfestival`s program. 

2012 Norwegian curator for the international Print triennial in Jyväskylä, Finland, Graphica Creativa


o t h e r   p r o j e c t s 

2017 Performance: Unbearable facts, Molde high school

2015 Open studio, Kube Art Museum

2013 Video workshop with children at Nordic summer university

2013 Documentary “ teaching artists” supported by NSU and SÉANCE

2007 Two short-films – Art projects on tour in Norwegian schools  ”The eyes” and ” In the back seat”

2007 Lifeconditions of the artist – a ”videoletter”  supported by BKMR, NBK og Billedkunstnernes hjelpefond


t r a v e l s:

New York 2000, 2002, 2004

South Africa 2005

Documenta (13), Kassel, Germany 2012