Unbearable Facts

I had gotten so used to numbers and statistics,  - so used to letting horrible information pass through my head. Feeling sad for one minute or less  - then getting on with my life as before. The information didn´t sink inn.  I probably didn´t want it to either.   But at some level I felt bad.  As if the information was stored or displaced within me - bothering me.  Similar to the way bad experiences  tend to make a dissonance in our lives , however well we erase them from our conscience, pack them away, and ignore them.  

The day I read the fact that 10 000 children die of hunger every day, I decided to deal with this number. 

The  project is an attempt to visualize the quantity.  To make it concrete and material, as a contrast to how elusive this type of information usually is to us.  

I made 10 000 figures. Each figure representing a child. All 10 000 are different – reminding me that these numbers are individuals. 

Making 10 000 individual figures is quite extreme – but then the number and what it represents is much more extreme.