I have worked with forms and shapes in large sizes. Organic forms and lifeforms. My basis for these works has been myself, and    t h e   e x p e r i e n c e  o f   b e i n g   a   v o l u m e.  Through life we change size and shape. We grow up, get bigger, heavier, get pregnant, become ourselves again, gain and loose weight, shrink in illness and towards end of life. We are forms in constant change, and the relation to sizes around us are also changing. The baby who fit in your arm, is 17 years later bigger than you. This is also about other changes through life, like colors, density, vitality.

Some of the forms I have worked with ( monotypies) are made on cobber-plates that I have had for years, and which have  scratches and dents after years of use, of storage and transport. I left the ink in these scratches, and wiped the rest of the ink away. The forms I made, have that in common with us living, that scratches, dents, and stains says something about a lived life. They come because we are in use, we bump into our surrounding, because we are marked by time.

So these works are mainly about life, but they can at the same time be associated with forms in design. ( industrial or domestic) It has to do with abstraction.