In 2012 I have been working as an artist for 20 years. This will be celebrated. Everyone are invited to visit my studio, December 16th 12:00 - 15:00. You can get 20 % off all my artwork.

This is just as much an invitation to those who are curious about what I do and how I work. Everyone are welcome!


Liv Dysthe Sønderland was the Norwegian curator for the 13 th International Print triennial Graphica Creativa 2012. 

This years trienal has the title “Neighbours” and presents artists from Finland and its neighbours Norway, Sweden, Russia and Estonia. The artists and works are chosen by curators from each country. The curators are; Veikko Halmetoja (Finland), Liv Dysthe Sønderland (Norway), Stefano Beccari (Sweden), Petr Shvetsov (Russia), and Jaak Visnap (Estonia).

She invited the artists; Espen Dietrichson, Asbjørn Hollerud, Anna Christina Lorenzen, Pushwagner and Sex-Tags to represent Norway. The exhibition opened on May 5th and will be open until September 9th.

See the catalog here:



Liv Dysthe opened a new exhibition at the art museum KUBE in Ålesund, March 17th, 2012. The exhibition is called “recomposing sadness”, and will be there untill May 27th.


From March 17th you can see some of Liv Dyste's prints in an exhibition at the art museum KUBE, showing the artists who got scholarships in Møre og Romsdal since 2008.


Liv Dysthe Sønderland is the Norwegian curator for the international printtrienal Graphica Creativa in Finland, opening May 5th, 2012.


Invitation to Graphica Creativa 2009 . Liv Dysthe Sønderland and Geir Brungot are representing Norway with the exhibition Passing by


Liv Dysthe Sønderland and Geir Brungot in Volda before the festival exhibition at the Center of New Norwegian language.


“UNDERVEGS” by Liv Dysthe Sønderland and Geir M. Brungot


 Article about exhibition "Passing by" with Geir M. Brungot and Liv Dysthe Sønderland.

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