Touring at Norwegian schools with “AVTRYKK”. A production from the National Museum, with large woodcuts by Chatrine Dahl and Ørjan Aas.  It was an exhibition and workshop where the children learned about the prosess and made woodcuts themselves.


Each hour 400 children die from hunger. Here is an article from Romsdals Budstikke from an hour in Advent when Studio M lightened 400 candles.
Link to the article in Romsdals Budstikke: http://www.rbnett.no/lokal/molde/2016/12/03/400-lys-for-barn-som-d%C3%B8r-13880602.ece


Advent, December 3rd. 

Studio M invited the public to come see 400 candles burning for an hour.


Studio M got 350 000 NOK in studio support. Studio M consist of visual artists Liv Dysthe Sønderland, Anne Sara Loe, Anne Berntsen.


Liv is on a scholarship stay at SEANSE at Høgskulen i Volda 6th - 10th of June 2016.


Liv Dysthe Sønderland received 70 000 NOK for the artist scholarship 2016.


Liv Dysthe Sønderland is participating in the exhibition SCANDINAVIAN SPHERES, in Knoxville, USA, together with 14 other members of the Association of Norwegian Printmakers (Norske Grafikere).



Saturday 14th of March there will be an art-talk at Kunstmuseet KUBE with me and Simon Wågsholm.

13:00 Walk-talk in the exhibition SCENERIES with visual artist Simon Wågsholm and curator Benedikte Holen.  

14:00 Artist-talk in the studio/Overlyssalen with visual artist Liv Dysthe Sønderland and communicator Ingvil E. Grimstad.


Enterance: Adult: 75, Children/students: 40, Senior: 60, Children under 12: Free

Kunstmuseet KUBE, Nedre Strandgate 2, tlf 70 10 49 70


Watch video and read the article about political art, with me, Simon Wågsholm and Marit Akslen here: http://www.smp.no/pluss/article10674262.ece#.VOiYswdyVzc.facebook


Sunnmørsposten 18/02/2015


Liv Dysthe Sønderland is moving her workspace into “Kunstmuseet KUBE in Ålesund, Norway February 11th - March 29th. She will work on her project here every day in the opening hours. In the process of making 10 000 small monotypies - representing 10 000 children dying of hunger every day.

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